Why Helpu

Around one million refugees arrived in EUROPE in 2015! Who are burdened with trauma and estrangement. Our goal is to help those refugees to integrate them in the new environment, release their potentials and facilitate them with social integration.

What is Helpu

Helpu is a location based platform which connects refugees, volunteers and organizations. It is one of the very first mobile application with a unique feature which enables refugees to ask their needs and compose their own requests. This App helps also the social initiatives and organization to direct their efforts and reach to refugees with their offers through a direct contact via real-time broadcasting service.

Job and Training

Facilitate a position for the refugees for schooling, apprenticeship and job opportunity nearby.

Legal advice

Support refugees with proper information about legal procedures.

Document Translation

Help with understanding and filling out documents


Help the refugees to bring out from the refugee camps and help them to find more safe and secure living arrangements for their nice family

Stuff Donation

Provide furniture, clothing, baby carriage, books, etc. for the families in need

On Site Translation

Find a volunteering bilingual companion for important appointments.


Reach all refugees and volunteers in your area with one click. Promote your events and activities using broadcast messages in different languages targeting the right group.